Psychiatrist Appointment Tomorrow

So I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow to basically review my medications and potentially add an antidepressant to my medication mix. For the past two weeks I have supposed to have been on 15mg of Olanzapine and 50mg of Quetiapine, of which I decided to stop taking as I was literally a zombie on these … Continue reading Psychiatrist Appointment Tomorrow

Which Medications Do You Take?

I am curious to what the most commonly prescribed medications are for Bipolar Disorder. I've only included a few, if yours is missing please include it.

Quick Medication Update

Since being at a mental health residential facility my medications have slightly changed. I am now taking: Lithium 1200mgOlanzapine 20mgAtorvastatin 20mgLorazepam 1mg (PRN) I am hoping this new combination starts helping me get on top of this bipolar.