Caffeine & Bipolar Medications

This is just a quick post but over the last few months I've noticed that I get a kind of buzz whenever I have a coffee. Upon researching it does appear that caffeine can change lithium levels in the blood, who would have thought aye. Does anybody else get that little buzz from caffeine?

January Update

Hello WordPressers, So what's been happening this January? Well for me I have been changing medications and doses like the medicine guinea pig that I am. Firstly, I was prescribed Escitalopram 10mg daily which took a lot of consulting and deliberating with my psychiatrist as anti-depressants are not routinely prescribed to those with bipolar. I … Continue reading January Update

Lithium Use In Bipolar May Lead To Kidney Disease

Just another side effect of our medications, I wonder what is next? Lithium-based drugs used to treat bipolar disorder may be nephrotoxic (damaging or destructive to the kidneys), a recently published study by University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center researchers shows. “There are still major inconsistencies among research findings on renal safety of [bipolar … Continue reading Lithium Use In Bipolar May Lead To Kidney Disease