Stableness With Some Happiness

Greetings readers, So it seems that Abilify is doing some magic, it has me stable and full of energy, which is great. Never thought a medication could just work its magic like that. Well anyway I am happy with how my bipolar is becoming stable. I have also had to reduce my lithium to 800mg … Continue reading Stableness With Some Happiness

Today Was A Good Day

Woke up a bit later than usual, normally up between 7-7:30 but not today I stumbled out of bed at half eight, feeling fresh. Body obviously needed it. So to keep myself busy I did all the dishes by hand, vacuumed and cleaned all the services, just to kept busy. Then my next job was … Continue reading Today Was A Good Day

Morning of Walks

So I decided to seize the day and go for some walks. Since starting Atorvastatin I have been plagued with the muscle aches, so what better than some walking. The first one was a simple 4 kilometres, followed by a nice frappe. Caramel FrappeThe second one is yet to come, I'll keep you posted. #health