Ready Meal Dinners

DAE (Does Anybody Else) eat ready meals more often instead of making your own meal when they are depressed? I have found that in my last few shops my percentage of ready meals I buy has increased. Surely it's linked?

Being A Sociopath

So I am apparently one according to my psychiatrist. When she was explaining to me her justification for the diagnosis things started to link together, giving me a sort of closure I guess and naming something I have "suffered" with for many years. Although, I do agree with her diagnosis there are indicators in Antisocial … Continue reading Being A Sociopath

Caffeine & Bipolar Medications

This is just a quick post but over the last few months I've noticed that I get a kind of buzz whenever I have a coffee. Upon researching it does appear that caffeine can change lithium levels in the blood, who would have thought aye. Does anybody else get that little buzz from caffeine?

New Diagnosis

Morning WordPressers! So I unexpectedly got some new diagnosis during my most recent psychiatrist appointment and they kind of make sense. My psychiatrist has also diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder (In Cluster B). When she was explaining why I had many light-bulb moments and could really relate to them. Has … Continue reading New Diagnosis