Summer, Christmas and Bipolar

So its been a whirlwind last two weeks. My recovery group has come to an end, it was a ten week course focusing on mental health (CBT, DBT, ACT). For me the biggest thing I got from it was meeting other people in similar situations as myself, although I was the only person there with bipolar.

The mania has simmered down, with this the depression has been creeping in, albeit not as heavy as it has been. What’s a nice distraction is the weather, it is hot as! and I am enjoying knowing that soon I can start swimming again back in the beautiful pacific ocean. I still haven’t gotten used to christmas being in summer here in New Zealand, back home in the UK it was in the winter and the snow just makes the day magical. Although, a hot BBQ and some beers in the sun is pretty good too.

Not sure about how regular my posts will be over the next two weeks but I just wanted to take this time to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. I for one have many goals for 2020!!

3 thoughts on “Summer, Christmas and Bipolar

  1. Your health always comes first.
    Then when you are up to it, write posts.
    I am not sure about having Christmas in summer weather. I live in the prairies of Western Canada. Nothing unusual about seeing temperatures fall to -40C.


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