Hitting Rock Bottom

Throughout the timeline of this blog I have been through a lot of medication changes as well as life changes. It is those life changes that promoted this post.

I believe I have hit close to rock bottom. Let me explain how:

* Finances – well this time last year I was a high flying professional earning a decent wage that allowed me to live a pretty good lifestyle. Fast forward to today, that job is lost and I am on a benefit which barely covers the basic expenses. I am usually left with $80 per week to feed three people. To put this in context my budget last year for groceries was between $200-250 per week. I don’t have any extra money to pursue any hobbies or put away in savings.

* Employment – As mentioned above I was a high flying professional. Today I am unemployed and will find it very hard to find a job once I am in a position to start applying again. Having a criminal record and a lifelong mental health condition are generally two big red flags for employers.

This post was just meant to stay as a draft in my private collection. Instead I have opened it publicly to see if anyone else is in a similar situation and has some advice.

10 thoughts on “Hitting Rock Bottom

  1. http://themoodymom.com/2019/12/02/my-latest-manic-episode/

    My entire life spiraled out of control. I was fired so I got no unemployment benefits. I had no money. I don’t know how I survived. But I did. You will too. I know you’re a professional of some sort but would it be possible to be self employed? Or, if you work for a very small company, they tend to not do background checks.
    I’m saddened that you’re in such a bad situation. Let me know if you’d like to email. Good luck.


  2. A hobby doesn’t have to be expensive. Is there something you can do that costs little or nothing? What do you enjoy doing? Did something happen to your computer? What is something expendable you can cut from your budget to use for something better? For instance, beer is very expensive…

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  3. I saw this post 20 minutes after you posted it. I am coming back with a meal plan that can get you through these times where you only have $80 a week to feed three people. Life can be hard but it is made harder by having a negative perspective.

    $80 per week gets food on the table. Maybe not the best food but a meal plan can be found. I’m ten days deep in a plan for you that is based on my own shopping in my area. Knowing we’re from different countries may make this different for you but it at least gives you something to work with.

    I’ll be back with what I have soon.

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  4. Rock bottom isn’t the worst place to be. Because sometimes rock bottom is a place we need to become acquainted with so that we might better appreciate how well off we once were and how much we will appreciate being well off again when the time comes.

    I sat down and worked through two weeks of food planning on your budget of $80 per week. I know that we live in different places so this might not be totally feasible for you but I wanted to give you an idea of how I would handle feeding three people each day with the budget you’ve been afforded. I totally think it’s doable in my area and so I hope the same holds true for your neck of the woods. Putting this together took so much longer than I expected and ended up being a big long blog post but it is at:


    If you are interested I can come up with another 14 days that will be similar but will also get you some more of the extras that add nice touches to food, like butter and seasonings and side things like crackers and such. It’s a simple fare but it simply fills the belly which is what you hope for when money is tight.

    I personally lost 130 pounds from straight starvation because I put the food on the table for the children and saved what I could for them which left very little for me to eat. Any food, even the same “boring” foods are far better than the pain of starvation.

    I think the key to getting through the tight times is to realize that even when things are tight, they are so much better than going without completely. So it is good and helpful to find comfort in what you actually still have versus living in the past of how it used to be better.

    I know the low times can be scary because everything seems stacked against you. But this is nothing more than a puzzle to solve to get yourself back on top where you feel comfortable. You’re going to get there. Every hole comes with the inevitable climb back to stability. You’re on your climb back up. Stabilizing medication, healing a broken mind, creating healthier coping mechanisms and life habits, finding peace in the moment before jumping into all that life “should” be. It takes time to put the pieces back together but you can do this. I have faith.

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      1. You’re very welcome. I sincerely hope that it helps and provides you some mental relief to the pressure that is felt when money is tight. This is a food budget that I stick very close to for my own family of six so I can personally attest to the reality that it doesn’t take much to feed a family.

        I’m sorry you are feeling how you are feeling if it is anything but good. I’m thinking of you and sending positive energy in your direction.


  5. Honesty is vital, and you’ve got it. There is no hole so deep that God can’t get you out of it, and no night so dark that God can’t shine in it. May you experience Him in abundance! Also, welcome to Virtual Vitamins. May my words be a channel of God’s grace to you.


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