Losing My S#$T on Medication

In short have been really really depressed of late, which I attributed to the Abilify that I started about three weeks ago. So I have started tapering myself off this medication. Hopefully, that is what is causing the depressive thoughts. Once off Abilify, I intend to come off all the rest of my medications (with doctors help) and become medication free. I can’t deal with the lack of personality all these medications have given me, the dry skin, the tremors, the high cholesterol are just a few of the reasons am coming off.

Anyone else gone medication free? How was it?

4 thoughts on “Losing My S#$T on Medication

  1. I really wish i could discontinue mine. I only take Zyprexa and Ritalin for narcolepsy. But my bad recent manic episode scared me. I was only on a low dose of Trileptal at the time. I don’t like being batshit, the intense emotional states that are more powerful than the ones now. I was hoping the Abilify would work for you? I get depressed on Zyprexa. Maybe 20 mg is too high for you? I’m on 5 mg. I have emotions but nothing like when unmedicated. I did try Lithium years ago. It gave me tremors, I felt sick, it lowered my thyroid hormone replacement levels…I hated it. I don’t have answers for you, but i hope things turn around for you soon.

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  2. I can relate to the abilify reaction because I have had experience with that medication as well. It makes you feel stable and everything is alright in the first few weeks. Then suddenly something comes in the way and the progress that you made just disappears.
    I have been medication free for about six months. It was amazing not having any problems emotionally and things were going very well. I was able to function in school and everything was going okay. But suddenly everything came crashing down and I has to start from square one. Currently I am only one medication which is different from abilify but I am try to get a different one so I can be treated correctly. I hope tampering down and getting off helps


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