The Bipolar Spiral

First up, sorry I haven’t added any content in a wee while I have been in the bipolar spiral.

You probably haven’t heard that term before, Bipolar Spiral, that’s because I just made it up. It basically sums up my mood/general wellbeing over the past few days.

On a good day I get up, have a coffee, eat breakfast and chew through any jobs that I have to do. I’ll probably be feeling depressed during most of the day, but get better generally at night when I know bedtime is near and I can start another day.

Then there is the bad days, these have been too frequent over the past few days. Basically, I get up, have a coffee, eat no breakfast and sit with all the curtains closed watching netflix documentaries. Currently, watching Outside Man at the moment, it’s pretty good. Now on these bad days I suffer from what I can only say is crippling anxiety and paranoia. I don’t want to leave the house, I get scared of doing basic chores like getting the shopping in, etc.

So that’s what I mean by the Bipolar Spiral. Many different moods in one day, feeling of impending doom, you know just having a right crappy ole day.

Today I feel good, fingers crossed it remains. I have done all my chores and the curtains are open. Today feels better than yesterday and that is all I can ask for these days is simple wins like that.

I will attempt to make more of an effort to post updates, it all depends on which part of the spiral I am at. Currently, I am sitting in the middle of it and climbing.

8 thoughts on “The Bipolar Spiral

  1. I’m happy to hear today has been better. I’m watching season 6 of Wentworth because season 7 isn’t in the U.S. yet. It can be stress inducing though. Our selection of Netflix documentaries are probably not as interesting as yours. Most are about how food is making us fat and dead. Lol. Enjoy your day😊

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  2. Hope you’re in the upward part of your spiral now. I consider being able to watch Netflix documentaries a good coping mechanism. I managed to watch a rom com in bed via Netflix last week, which felt like a win to me. Totally get not being to get out of the house. Keep well.

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