Suffering With Anxiety & Depression

I truly take my hat off and have so much respect for those who suffer with anxiety and depression on a regular basis. I had been suffering mania for so long I forgot, until a few days ago. I had a terrible bout of depression, not wanting to leave the house or do anything that needed doing around the house. I felt drained, mundane and emotionless as I sat in front of the TV trying to find something to entertain me, nothing worked. Then came the anxiety, like a high speed train, hitting my thought process like a nuclear bomb went off upstairs.

The anxiety is new for me, and I don’t want it. I am anxious to drive, go shopping and even pick up my kids from school. I get this feeling of doom whenever I do anything, it’s becoming pretty annoying and I want it to stop. I contacted my case worker today for some help and he is going to speak to my psychiatrist to see what else we can do to find a solution to this.

Hopefully, my blogging will pick up when I get myself sorted. Even writing this post isn’t giving me the joy I usually get from writing down my thoughts. Here’s to looking forward and making progress.

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