5 Things That Make Me Stable

Was contemplating, as you do, about what makes my bipolar mood stable and thought of these five things that help me.

1. Blogging

At number one I find that blogging is what makes me the most stable. The ability to write down my feelings and talk about what I am experiencing has, for me, been a life changer. The interaction with other people going through the bipolar journal has been invaluable. I usually aim to write a blog post daily, having this routine gives me something to look forward to.

2. My Children

As I have a shared custody situation with my ex-wife I find that the days my children are with me allows me to forget all about my mental illness. The needs of them come first. I always make time to do cool things with them, we explore new places and play board games. This allows me to forget all about whats going on in my head.

3. Video Games

I love playing video games. Back when I was married I had built myself a mega gaming computer, where I would play Playerunknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite and ROBLOX (With my kids). Now I don’t have a gaming computer anymore, instead I have an XBOX One X. So I generally just play Fortnite these days, and I find it very therapeutic. Again, it takes my mind of all the things going on with my life and allows me to be part of this other world.

4. Reading

Pretty self explanatory. I love to go missing inside the world created by a book I am reading. Now I haven’t been able to read as much recently, I am trying hard to get back into it as I feel my medications are beginning to work. Nothing beats a good high fantasy novel, or science fiction new contact novel.

5. My Two Cats

They are very needy, nearly kill me daily when they rub against my legs while I am walking, but the mutual love we have is reassuring. When I am alone at home, which is 50% of the week, I find my cats help reduce my stress and offer me somebody to talk to. It helps they don’t talk back as I can tell them all about my worries and they just purr and rub against me.

What things make you guys stable?

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