Work, Car Troubles & Positive Thinking

So the job I started over four weeks ago is going well, the extra money has been really nice. The job itself is relatively easy and I do get bored at times but am not complaining. Then happened the car. Driving along the highway taking the kids to the ex-wife when all of a sudden … Continue reading Work, Car Troubles & Positive Thinking

Life In The Fast Lane

It's been three weeks since I started my new job. Life just seems to be speeding by, to the point were I am losing track of days. It does feel good that I can afford enough food now for the two kids and I. One thing I have noticed a lot more is my lack … Continue reading Life In The Fast Lane

Work & Life

So I have worked three days in my new job which has been a nice introduction back to the workplace. The job itself is still being developed as it varies between serving customers to repairing Apple devices. No two jobs are the same which is nice, stops me getting bored. The fatigue I've been writing … Continue reading Work & Life

Daily Fatigue

Thinking it could be related to taking 10mg Olanzapine at night as the following morning I always feel tired and fatigued throughout the day. I've tried coffee which works for a short while in alleviating the fatigue but it soon comes back. Does anybody else suffer from fatigue when taking Olanzapine? If so what remedies … Continue reading Daily Fatigue